Why might DHCP discovery incorrectly conclude that I have just one DHCP server?

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I have several Windows Server 2016 boxes running, 2 of which are providing DHCP services to my home network.  I have both IPv4 and IPv6 scopes configured.  For my IPv4 scopes, Windows gives me the option of configuring failover, which I have done.  I've setup failover to use Load Balancing mode, whereby server-1 gets 50% of the available IPs to hand out and server-2, the partner server, get's the other 50% of the available IPs in the IPv4 scope(s) to hand out.

Works great, too bad failover isn't an option with IPv6 scopes.

Now, when I run DHCP DIscovery in Fing, I'm told "You have one single DHCP active in the network."  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Why might Fing only detect the "partner" server, server-2?  Bug?  Config issue on my end?

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    Client devices, including Fing, discover DHCP servers by sending a broadcast across the network to locate a DHCP server, in a failover configuration only one of those servers will respond until, for whatever reason, it becomes unavailable and after a defined timeout period is marked as down, at this point the partner server will start to respond to the clients' broadcast requests