How to re-assign device to different user?

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Hey there, I passed on my phone to my son. So I should change the assigned user for parential control reasons. How to to this? Removing the device from the list (should delete all data) does not work - seems to be stored anyway and not deleted, as it knows that the device was assigned to me! 
How can I re-assign the device to my son?
Thanks for help and best regards, Ralf


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    Hi @RalfBe

    To change a device from one user to another, please follow these steps:

    1) Sign in to Fing App and Click on Fingbox/Network name from the Home tab.

    2)Go to the 'People' tab and click on the User from which you want to remove the Device

    3) Click the Left button saying 'Edit' and it will open the User's page.

    4) Unassign the Device by click on it and the devices become free to assign them to other User.

    5) Click Save and Go back to the People Tab and select the User you want to assign the device to.

    6) Click Edit again and go to the User's Page.

    7) Look for the device you want to assign and then click on it.

    8) If you want to monitor that device then click on 'Change' and it will change to 'Presence' on the device selected.

    9) It will ask whether it is a personal device. Click 'Yes' and click 'Save'.

    It will start monitoring those devices for changes and will create a timeline for review. The reason users are not able to see the Timeline for selective Users because their device is not set for Digital Presence.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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