Apple • iPhone showing as my network gateway?

I've noticed that my IPhone is showing as the gateway for my network, is this normal or something that needs addressing? Thanks!


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    A gateway is a device that routes traffic between two separate networks. The best example of a gateway within your home network is your router. This acts as a gateway between your own personal network and your broadband provider’s network.  
    So when you receive an alert from your Fingbox that a new gateway has appeared on your network it means that a device has become a gateway. This could be something usual (e.g. some triband routers have an interchangeable pool of addresses that change a lot), or could be coming from a device which redirects everything to itself (e.g. a hardware firewall), or could be a device that has been attached to your network that you weren’t aware is redirecting all the data.  
    Fingbox will alert you when it notices a new gateway so you can investigate if it is coming from a trusted or malicious source.  
    When a new device joins a network, then it tends to distribute traffic through itself. If you do not know what the new gateway is, check to see if a new device has recently joined your network – this most likely will be the source of the new gateway. If it is a device you do not recognize then block it straight away. 

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