How do I sync device changes on fing desktop with fing IOS app & fing box?

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I have a 2nd generation fing box, fing desktop premium (thought I'd try it this year) and the fing app on a couple of iphones and ipads.

trying to manage devices on the IOS app can be challenging as the devices sometimes change to 'generic' and through discovery of multiple networks on iphone by default I seem to look at fingbox data, not fing desktop. 

I've spent a ton of time updating the devices in the desktop version, as it's much easier to do this from a pc than a phone or tablet, only to find that nothing syncs back to iphone or ipad app. 

It feels like, the app, fingbox and fing desktop are totally unrelated to each other all managing their own data, why is this so complicated?

I just want a single list of devices that exists on my one and only network, that fingbox is physically attached to, my iphone/ipad connect to the same network via wifi, and fing desktop sees via a PC physically connected to same network.

Appreciate my desktop is scanning via it's own network card, and fingbox via it's direct connection, but why can't all the devices figure out they are on the same subnet and sync data!

Very, very frustrating.

Appreciate there was a MAC address limitation on IOS devices introduced some time ago, does this mean I should manage by IP instead and give everything a static address? Would that make the issue any easier to manage?


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    @NickC, the desktop, Fingbox and Fing app by itself do not integrate with each togther.  if this helps...

    • Fingbox works with the mobile app and the web app.
    • Fing desktop works by itself, not with a Fingbox
    • Fing mobile app can work by itself, with a Fingbox or can separately manage a Fing Desktop scanned network
    • Fing’s web app can see any network scanned, separately 
    Purchasing a Fingbox to scan your network or using the desktop app can get around the iOS limitations by the way...  But you Would need to turn off private address on the WiFi network your iOS devices are a part of to get their actual Mac addresses and to prevent a constant stream of new device notifications for them.
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    This is not a good solution. The desktop app and iOS app should communicate through my account to keep these in sync.