Fing no detecta dispositivo conectado en Google Mesc

Tengo una red compuesta por Router Arris (VTR) con ref 2,4/5G. Y de este router conectado una red Google Mesh compuesto por tres módulos Google en red.

en esta última red tengo conectado un dispositivo Iogear que provee internet a mi alarma. En la red de Google se ve este dispositivo con dirección Ip y Mac claramente identificado. Sin embargo esta ip no aparece en el listado de dispositivos de Fing. Porque?

destacó que la alarma no se conecta a internet a pesar que el adaptador de cable (wired) Iogear si está conectado.

es decir está conectado pero no sale a internet. No se que pasa. Lo mismo me pasa con las cámaras IP conectadas al Google Mesh, solo se ven el la red de Google pero no fuera de ella por internet.


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    Thanks @Marc

    With Google Mesh networks, almost all the features of the Fingbox will work except for Wifi Intrusion Protection, Bandwidth Analysis, Internet Speed Test and Vulnerability test for open ports. Fingbox is compatible with both a single Google Wi-Fi network. It also works with two Google Wi-Fi mesh networks. With three or more than three Wifi Network, there might be some errors in using the above-mentioned features. 

    Google Wifi’s firewall creates a barrier between your Wi-Fi network and the Internet, protecting your data from unsolicited connections or connection attempts. It’s a stateful firewall, which keeps track of connections (TCP streams, UDP communication) traveling across it. Only data associated with a known active connection is allowed through the firewall. 

    To take it a step further, put your Google Nest routers in bridge mode and use your modem as "pass-through" only. So your entire home network is covered under one Fingbox. 

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    For those looking, @Tolago question is as follows, quotaed via Google Translate...  I'm thinking this might be a multiple network scenario which a Fing can't handle but can use someone to sanity check? (Estoy pensando que este podría ser un escenario de red múltiple que un Fing no puede manejar, pero puede usar a alguien para verificar la cordura.)

    I have a network composed of Router Arris (VTR) with ref 2.4 / 5G. And this router is connected to a Google Mesh network made up of three Google modules in a network. In this last network I have an Iogear device connected that provides internet to my alarm. In the Google network you can see this device with a clearly identified IP and Mac address. However, this IP does not appear in the list of Fing devices. Why?

    He highlighted that the alarm does not connect to the internet despite the fact that the Iogear cable adapter (wired) is connected. that is, it is connected but it does not go to the internet. I do not know what's happening. The same thing happens to me with the IP cameras connected to the Google Mesh, they can only be seen on the Google network but not outside of it on the internet.
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