Can I print any of the reports and summaries made by FING?

1.  I'm a new but impressed user - just about to go Premium to see if it brings me more useful stuff.
My question is: can I don't see any means of PRINTING a report and using 'snip' software and creating a printout that way is tedious ...
Am I missing something? 
2.   Also what are 'points' used for? Are they the same as those which you get to enable reports etc each day?

Thx - Happy User

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    You could put a request into the idea area.  That will then allow voting and more votes gets them thinking about it.  I think its come up before and might even have a request in.

    As I contemplate this, with the latest version of the desktop and mobile app, you can view your desktop scans with the mobile.  Just switch your views. From there, it appears that the print feature is still available.  This might be away for you to get reporting from the desktop via the mobile app, for now.
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    @NHCW62, are you asking about the desktop or the mobile app?  The mobile app supports reporting where you can dump the results to a CSV etc...  Its under all devices network tab.  At least in iOS you use the send to icon to save the report in the format you can use.  

    I am not aware of the ability to do this the same way in the desktop app, though I have found the grid can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet with a little effort.
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    Well thanks for your quick response -
    I was using the desktop app - which is really excellent!  It feels like it's an error in the user specification! Do you think it will ever change?  There's a LOT of data there and often one will wish to compare with earlier configurations.  Could you ask your technical marketing requirement people to think about it for a future release?
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