Registering a used Fingbox v1

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Hello. I bought a used Fingbox v1. Performed a hard reset when received before deploying to the network.

My problem is that I can't add to my account because Fingbox says I need to log in with my original account ... it's still associated with the seller's account.

I contacted the seller but haven't received a reply yet.

Is there another way Fing Support can reassign my fingbox to my account?

Thank you.


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    @already , Fing should be able to help you.  Wait for them to reach out as they will probably need some  info as well as proof of ownership (via direct message, do not post anything here) before they can do anything.  Tagging @Robin and @Ciaran from Fing for further action.
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    Thanks @Marc
    I have sent you a private mail to address your query. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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