Will fing alert me if my router becomes unplugged?

I have my phone connected to our wifi named “plink720” while a lot of the other smart devices in my house are connected to “plink720-5hz”. I found the one works better on my phone then the other. Because of this difference will fing still be able to alert me if my wifi goes offline or is unplugged, even though my account info stems from the non 5hz name? Also will it alert me if an unknown device is connected to either, or just the one my phone is linked to? Thanks for the advice!! I am a nurse and not very tech savvy!!


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    Well your phone is going to treat both networks as different. Networks are actually the same device with the difference that is emitting Two different wireless frequencies. So your phone will treat them as different networks, but with Fing you'll be able to identify any device connected to any of those networks and connections and to the router ethernet cable.. It will indeed alert you if you get disconnected from the network you are currently connected and Vice versa. 

    To avoid getting connected to another network other than the one you want. You need to make sure you disable the Auto Connect feature of your phone to the "closest/better" network. Then add the network that you prefer,  And make sure that you do have auto Connect. Able to  either network of your choice.

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    Thanks for the help!!!