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Hi new to Fing, just got the app today. Seems like a great tool.

Trying to use it to check if my arlo camera setup is on or offline. Have set up the software and done a scan of my network. It found the arlo smarthub but i cant seem to find a way for Fing to see the actual cameras which are connected to the hub.

Does anyone know if this is possible and if so how to adjust the setup to make it happen.


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    I’’m not familiar with the Camera setup but it is likely that your Camera hub is using it’s own network subnet for security reasons. I would check the settings on the camera hub as you should be able to check ip addresses of your cameras and compare the range with the rest of your network. It’s also possible that your camera hub is using it’s own firewall to block external access, if that’s the case your ports may be “stealthed” and therefore be invisible to scanning applications.
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    Just like @Pixel said the Arlo hub uses it's own subnet to connect the cameras and you can't see the cameras when scanning, only the hub itself. I also have an Arlo camera system at home and can confirm it. Also, even though I can see the Arlo ssid I've never tried to mess with the hub by connecting to it in any way other than the app provided to check the cameras. Even the app doesn't show the actual ip addresses of the subnet so I guess they didn't intend for anybody to directly connect to the hub or cameras if not from the app.