How can I tell if a stranger enters my WiFi? How do I add a second router as I have to my building??

How can I add a second router to extend my WiFi to my garage?


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    @Southern_rocking06, a Fingbox could help you see if someone has started to use your Wifi.  It provides a bunch of additional features as well.  See this link...

    As for getting WiFi into your garage.  You can buy a range extender.  A range extender can make your existing wifi go a bit farther by extending the signal, kind of like a relay.  You will get a little less speed because your piggybacking off an existing wifi signal but it works.  The other way would be to extend an ethernet cable from your existing router to the garage and putting an access point at the end of it.  That too can allow you to extend your network but with little or no speed loss as the backhaul to your router travels over the cable..
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