How can I get rid of unwanted strangers on my wifi

I reported the incident to my provider's, they found it was faulty.

So they sent me a new modem and passwords, I factory reset all devices before turning on new modem.

Not even 30mins, the same strangers were hikers on my wifi, I rang again reported the problem, and they wanted to change the password on the modem, this is afta I email all mac addresses to them and thinking they be able to rectify the problem get them off my network. So I waited for a call back (no) reply what so eva.

So how can I get them off my network please My husband is on my case. Frustrate owner PLEASE HELP



  • Katt
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    I am having same issue! They had my Google nest hub going off and on. I got sick of it. Turned off modem. Somehow they turned my hub into an access point and my cell went online!

    I dont know how to kick people off

  • Sally99
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    Same problem here it don’t matter what I try. They get right back threw. Very quickly.

  • Popula
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    Reset router to factory settings.

    Reset Fingbox to factory settings.

    Reset Nest to factory settings.

    Restart Router & Fingbox & Nest.

    Set Fingbox to autoblock all new devices.

    Even better: use MAC filtering in Router.