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Really liking the Fing 11.0.0 (110000004) RC integration with the Fing Desktop app.   :)
Also wondering if you've thought of integrating the Pull/Swipe down gesture to update Devices on one's network?
Now, if we can just get the device recognition with updated macOS/iOS/iPodOS/watchOS and HomePod OS's and more options for device icons.  For example, I have 2 HDHomeRun devices, Connect 4K and Servio (DVR), and I think that instead of the Media Player icon, that you could have an TV aerial/antenna icon.  And a HomePod icon.
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    Hi @Fabian
    Thanks for the suggestion 
    I will pass this suggestion to our developers for consideration. For other users who would like to get this idea implemented, please upvote the initial post. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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