Router keeps resetting or cycling through

So I have been having trouble with my router recently. It's been resetting and cycling back through. Contacted my ISP they came out and put a brand new line up outside and still the same thing. So they came back out and gave me a brand new router and same thing. Had them here a 3rd time and they replaced my outside box or whatever and still same thing. I checked for wireless interference and nothing. I even went down in my basement and replaced my splitter down there and checked both cable lines in my house and still same thing. Does anyone have any other options cause the only thing I can think of is it's farther down the line outside but my neighbors haven't been having any trouble so idk. Any ideas?



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    I had this issue a long time ago, and my problem was overheating the issue which makes it really unstable and rebooting. But also could be a electric problem. Have you already check channels and repositioning the router? Dude, you'll be surprised on how just repositioning router changes the signal, lol-sad-but-true. Not buying? check wikipedia for Fresnel zone and you'll get a glimpse of what I'm talking about.
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    Hi @BoondockDemon as previously mentioned there could be an overheating problem but it’s unlikely to affect different (replacement) routers as well. Try, if you can, disable all wifi & disconnect all ethernet devices to check if the router remains stable, then enable wifi and start enabling devices finally add any ethernet devices. Follow this process to check if there a condition on your network/devices causing the restarts.