Fingbox no reset button / reset not working

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I attempted to reset my fingbox after it was stuck with a flashing orange light for the entire day.  I followed this reset procedure:
  1. Unplug the Fingbox power adaptor from the wall outlet
  2. Find the RESET hole beside the Fingbox power port
  3. Gently insert a paperclip in the RESET hole (very gently)
  4. While keeping the RESET button gently pressed, plug the power adaptor back in
  5. Keep the RESET button pressed for 30 seconds and release (or until a single white light flashes on the device)
  6. You should now see a single white light on
  7. After a few seconds, the top circle will start flashing, while the original factory software is loaded
  8. This process lasts for a few minutes (~3 min)
  9. A single white light will mark the end of the process
  10. Power off the Fingbox
  11. Wait 5 seconds
  12. Power it back on
When I went to look for the reset button, the hole is where it is supposed to be, but inserting a paperclip doesn't do anything - there's no resistance met, no button or anything behind the hole that I can feel with a paperclip.
My fingbox is one of the original v1 boxes that has been working great up until a few weeks ago.  So it appears I'm left with a brick at the moment.


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    Rfischman said:
    My fingbox is one of the original v1 boxes that has been working great up until a few weeks ago.  So it appears I'm left with a brick at the moment.
    You're not alone. Everybody's currently in one failure mode or another. Hang in there. 
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    Hi All,

    Our engineering team have advised us that in effort to resolve the issue our Engineers are now copying the data from the old disk (of the affected shard) to a brand new disk. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue.

    In meantime, I would advise you not to reset your Fingbox as it may put much strain on storage volumes because Fingbox needs to connect to Fing app and then it will update to the latest firmware and much more. This may produce a delay in setting up the new shard in AWS correctly.

    I would advise you to check over the period for 24-48 hours and see if the Fingbox still going offline or not.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Mine has been "offline" (pulsing orange) since sometime around March 29-30… If only the hardware could talk to the iOS software, and not rely on a cloud service for functionality.

    It seemed like such a wonderful idea, when I backed the crowdfund campaign on Indiegogo. But now so much functionality is behind subscription and it dies without the cloud service?
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