Fingbox green but App doesn't find it when searching

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I have just purchased a used Fingbox v2 and it was working, but Factory Reset it due to frequent disconnects and now I cannot add it back to the app.  I have tried totally removing the app and starting again, but Fingbox still not being found in App, different Cat7 network cable, power cable etc.  I can see the fingbox via network scan via iPhone, ping etc.  Anyone any ideas?


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    I am having the same issue after I did a factory reset due to it going on and off network every 5 mins
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    There is a larger outage issue going on that could be affecting you.  See this thread for details.

    @Robin, please add to this if you have a solution or troubleshooting they can do.
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    Thanks @Marc
    As I can see from your account, your Fingbox is added to your account. Can you confirm the same? For the outages, we will post another update of what's been happening later in the day. Thanks again
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Fingbox just started working by itself.
    I wish I'd known about all these outages and how they impacted end users as I wouldn't have gone to the expense of buying a Fingbox v2 when I thought my FingBox v1 was broken, as I'd already tried everything to get it to work, and now I know it wasn't malfunctioning in the first place! Waste of £99.00