Several box and app problems - must hard reset fingbox or perhaps account data?

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  • Some of the app buttons do nothing when pressed:
  1. can't assign a device owner
  2. can't unblock or block a device
  • Can't add a new user.  The interface loads but various errors prevent it from saving a new user.  Can't add a new 'colleague' at all and other categories throw a 'Could not fetch updates about your network' when trying to save the user.
  • The Timeline window will often fail.  Usually it just keeps trying to load without showing data but sometimes it will say 'no event to be displayed' when there are definitely events to display.
I've reloaded the Android v11.0.1 app entirely and even moved it to a new phone - no change.  Powercycling the fingbox has no effect.  I've been having these app issues for perhaps a few months now with it getting progressively worse over time.

I also get the fingbox disconnects that many are experiencing in this other thread

Firmware is 1.15.1 with Android app v11.0.1

I was considering a hard reset...but am not certain that the problems are with my device as opposed to data in my account, once I read a recent reset thread