Fing desktop not working

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    I am having trouble getting Fing Desktop to open at all, despite restarts and fresh installations, though I know it is running in the background as I get notifications about Ethernet speed not being optimal. So I need to get these sorted out before continuing with the Network Files Sharing issue, and I am going to open another request for help.
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    Hi @clayto
    Are you using Fing desktop on windows machine? If yes, then follow the steps: 

    1. Shut down Fing desktop from the system tray on your device.  

    2. Stop the Fing.Agent service using the sc command with CMD run as administrator and close all running fing agents from the task manager. 

    • Stop service command: sc stop Fing.Agent 

    3. Uninstall Npcap. 
    4. Uninstall Fing desktop 
    5. Download and install new Fing 2.5.1 as administrator. 

    NOTE: If you have Wireshark installed then you might need to uninstall Wireshark as it also uses Npcap which is creating issues with npcap of Fing desktop.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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