How do I stop this?

Hi guys, my wife passed away in January she was the computer with whiz. Her nephew was staying with us and after her passing in January I had to have him leave this last February because of course financial things had changed he took my IP address changed my username and password through my modem and on my TV and put four remote accesses on my laptop I'm trying to get rid of everything but do I need to start with the modem according to the videos I do

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    If you trying to get into your router (I’m assuming you meant router when you said modem), best way is to reset it and start over again.  That will put everything back to default.  To do this google the brand and model along with the words factory reset.  It’s usually as simple as pulling the plug, pressing a button and plugging it back in till a light flashes but every model varies a bit.
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    I did it, prior to doing so it showed me that someone got in and took over my norton ok or should I be vpn?


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    1.  My fingbox is showing steady, green lights around the top of the box...its not a continuous light, its green then no light then green light. almost like a single green bulb equally spread around the top of the box.  whats up with that?

    2.  My app says I  am a premium user and subscribed yet the desktop app ( Fing 2.5.1 says I'm not a premium user.)  Is there ANY WAY TO HAVE A PHONE CALL with support?