Anybody have a Noritz Wifi unit that was identified correctly?

Fing found the Noritz Wifi module (for a tankless water heater) device and has identified it as a Sony PlayStation AND I cant change it. Change the name, of course. I find it odd that we are unable to fix a misidentified items. 


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    Hi @2in_N_Torrance...  I have a similar issue with a Nordictrak treadmill.  What I have seen Fing do is take the wifi module of an unidentifiable device and match it with something it already knows with the same module.  So it's possible that the playstation and the water heater are using the same wifi chip set.

    Sometimes the Fingapp will let you manually request a change when it misidentifies an object but that behavior is not always consistent.  Or at least I don't know the algorithm they use to allow one to request a change.  Either way you still should be able to manually change the display name, you just will not be able to change the Brand and model...

    @Robin, or @Ciaran, do you have a better solution for how @2in_N_Torrance can properly identify his device?
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