Google Wifi “new or rogue WiFi access point”

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Hello everyone! I have a FingboxV2 connected to a Google Wifi mesh network: 1 router + 2 acccesspoints. I understand the Google WIFI creates accesspoints for both the 2.4 and 5.0 bandwidth for each WIFI point, which are registered by the Fingbox as accesspoints/BSSIDs. However, over the past weeks I’ve been receiving notifications from Fing that a new or rogue WiFi accesspoint has been found almost every other day. The network page in the FingApp is showing 12 in total by now. My questions:
1. Is this normal, having so many accesspoints/BSSIDs for only 3 physical devices?
2. Should I take any action upon receiving these notifications (e.g. unblock)?
3. Is there a way to find out which accesspoint/BSSID in the FingApp is linked to which physical device?
Many thanks for your help!


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    Hi, this problem may be due to Private Address connections, mobile phones are now using dummy mac addresses which change each time you login to a wifi network. This is a security feature (Stops your phone being tracked across networks) which can be disabled when you’re connecting to trusted networks. I have attached a screenshot of the iPhone settings as an example, the actual setting layout will vary on different devices.

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    Thanks Pixel, I did not know about that feature. Have disabled it on the iphones and ipad + removed the BSSIDs from Fing... curious what happens in the next few days.
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    Hi Pixel, no more rogue access points since I’ve disabled the private address; did some reading on the topic... not entirely sure what to think of this whole private mac address thing, basically you will not be able to identify your devices on your own network...!? Worrying! Thanks again for your help!
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    Private address may slow tracking but there are advantages to public addresses which prohibit users from changing your network settings. Anyone know more about this ?

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