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    Recognizing that Apple hides MAC addresses, the Apple device data is mostly wrong and unchangeable.  For example, my 2021 Mac mini is described as a 2007 Mac mini and I cannot input a change.  Request you give your users edit capability for all data fields that are descriptive data and not machine readable data.  I would like my FING database to display correct  descriptions of my devices even if I have to manually input them.
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    Hi @JRW44

    If you are using Fing app on apple device then please check this article:

    To correct the misidentified device on Fing desktop, I would suggest to:   

    • Open the Fing Desktop 

    • Sign in and Go to Home tab   

    • Scan for devices. 

    • If the device is still recognized incorrect then Click on the specific device   

    • Click on Icon "Recognize" device   


    It is now possible to manually recognize devices: when Fing recognition is not sharp enough, you can manually provide brand and model of your devices which will hopefully be of benefit to you.  

    To manually identify the misidentified device on Fing app, I would suggest to:   

    • Sign in to the Fing app 

    • Go to Device List    

    • Click on the misrecognized device. 

    • Below the device name and O.S you will find a text saying "Did we get this right?"  

    • If you click on (thumbs_down icon) then it will allow you to manually enter the correct O.S and model of the device. 



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