Fing desktop doesn´t find devices connected directly to router

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Hi. I use Fing Desktop and it finds all devices connected to my wifi but those devices connected directly to the router using ethernet cable aren´t found (e.g. Raspberry Pi, home camera, etc.). Is there a way to find them or Fing only find wi-fi devices? Thank you


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    Hi @Rufo
    Can you confirm if they are connected to same access point as your device is connected to? Can you check under router settings to verify which BSSID are they connected to?
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • Rufo
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    Hi Robin. They are conected to the RJ45 ports of the router that generates the wifi. The wifi devices appear, but the ones connected physically to the router don´t appear, excepting one time days ago. That time I refreshed Fing and I saw the Raspberry in the list of devices with its correct IP, but just that time, never again