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I've been dealing with a man in the middle of attack. All my devices are PCs or Androids, but I ended up buying an iPhone , and when I went on FING the router that I use had no MAC Address? The router is an ASUS router with a surfboard modem. Can someone explain how there couldn't be a MAC address for router listed on FING? I'm just concerned about nefarious things obviously. Thanks for your insight, just don't know why the Router wouldn't have MAC address? (Or at least on Fing App) thank you!!


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    Hi @DumbDan Apple blocked access to mac addresses on iOS devices around 12 months ago. They claimed that this was for security reasons & while that may well be correct it caused considerable problems for many network scanners and reduced the ability to identify devices. This is specifically a apple policy change, android devices are not affected by this decision. Desktop applications still work.
    There are also other mac address considerations (Private MAC addressing) which you can read about here:-

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    Amazing thank you!