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I have a Fingbox in my house. Is a rural area. I want to trigger an alarm if an unknow device is detected. The idea is to activate a siren or a flood light, or both. Thanks.

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    Fing will only be able to notify you of an unknown device trying to access your network & block it depending on your settings. You may be able to set a specific notification sound, again depending on your device, but you won’t be able to to activate sirens or lights.
    Specific security systems (or apps) may be able to offer the facilities you are looking for, time for some Googling unless anyone else has a suggestions.

    @Marc & @rooted any ideas?
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    Fing by default will not even trigger an alert on a “seen” device, via the digital fence,  as @Pixel has explained.  What you can do is monitor what is coming around your home manually via the app’s digital fence and if you see it more then once, tag it for future notification.

    Otherwise something like a Ring camera which will trigger an alert, both visually, audibly and via it’s app if something enters its view.  I do this via a remote property I own.