How do I setup remote network monitoring?

I am road testing Fing for monitoring a remote network.  I manage the IT infrastructure for a fraternity house 300 miles from my home.  I am looking for a tool that will give me more detail than I currently have access to.  I get notifications from the 5 residents of wifi issues.  They generally do not provide much detail.  I have played with the Fing desktop on my home network and like what I see.  Is my best option putting a PC in the house and remoting into it?



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    Hey @tony_rome

    The app itself is not going to do it for you.  You would need an appliance like a Fingbox on that network and then you can monitor this remotely.  The Fing mobile app and web app work in conjunction with a Fingbox appliance to allow you to see what’s connected and do a bit of troubleshooting like bandwidth analysis.  There is more so please read via the link..

    Have a look at it from this URL...
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