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Hello guys!

My first post here.

Does anyone know if we can pay a Fing app lifetime license to remove ads? I mean, not a subscription, just to remove ads and like so many other apps on the store.

Thanks in advance!



  • Marc
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    Hey @Fi72, according to the iOS App Store, they have a yearly remove app feature as well as various pay for play scenarios.  No mention of a lifetime no ads version.  @Ciaran or @Robin, could one of you confirm?
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  • Fi72
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    Thank you for your reply, Marc! If confirmed, I will live with this figure! :)


  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Thanks @Marc
    As of now @Fi72, there is no lifetime version to remove ads. Previously we had 3months, 6months and yearly ads free subscription for a minimal amount but that subscription has been changed to Fing Premium which also activates Premium features on Fing App, Fing desktop and Fingbox.
    You can check for the price here:

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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