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I'd love the ability to override the auto detected brand and model with my own text.

Here's two use cases where that would be helpful.

First, when your database doesn't contain the model number for a detected manufacturer - I've submitted these to you but understand it takes time to append these to a growing list.

Secondly, when the device itself can identify as numerous items. I have two USB C to Ethernet adapters which I use across a handful of devices. Sometimes Fing identifies the manufacturer as Realtek Semiconductor and others it'll pick up the connected device, for example, Apple.

There's no way currently to simply set Real Semiconductor RTL8153-G which would be ideal.



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    Hi @SRP
    Thanks for the suggestion 
    I will pass this suggestion to our developers for consideration. For other users who would like to get this idea implemented, please upvote the initial post. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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