FING Desktop 2.5.1 will not restore from being minimized on launch

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Win 10.  3 monitors.  Fing 2.5.1.  When launching, the application loads and appears minimized in the Windows 10 taskbar.  If the mouse is hovered over, the desktop appears in a preview window but will never restore to the desktop when clicked.  
I have tried rebooting.  Uninstalling.  Removing WinPcap.  Unplugging two of the three monitors.  Nothing.  
It is still running and can be seen by my mobile app, but not usable in the current state on the desktop computer.  
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have fixed this.  I uninstalled version 2.5.1, installed and older version and then installed 2.5.1.  It is now visible as it should be.