Replace a broken Fingbox

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The USB power socket on the fingbox has broken and I can hear something rattling around inside the fingbox and it will no longer power up. I have ordered a replacement which should arrive in the coming days.

My question is, how do I replace it keeping my old settings, I cannot find anything documenting it ?


  • Robin_from_Fing
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    Hi @MartynK

    As of now, there is no way to transfer the data from Fingbox V1 to V2. All data related to Fing App will be transferred to new account like all device customizations. 

    Only the data related to Fingbox like Digital Fence and Presence and settings will be lost. 

     Also, as you will stop using V1 Box, please DM me the MAC address of the broken Fingbox so I can reset the Fingbox unit and make sure it is not connected to your Fing account so to make new Fingbox connection easier.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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