Why is my home network on 17 channels, many with multiple instances?

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Hi there. When I do a network scan, the Fing desktop app shows that my home wifi network is broadcasting on 17 different channels, several of which have up to five instances. I see the same thing when I look at my Mac's wireless diagnostics.

Would appreciate any insight into why. Thanks in advance!


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    Hi @CZPatterson a screenshot of the problem may be helpful if you can post one. Also, are you using a mesh network (dual or tri-band) or  wifi extenders?, as depending on the configuration these may show up on your network and cause some confusion with multiple entries.
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    Thanks for the reply; appreciate it! This is what I'm referring to -- my network is Woodford and it's currently on 23 channels, several of which have multiple instances. They show different levels of encryption (most personal but a couple enterprise) and about half are missing country codes. I do have three wifi extenders in the house. 

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    Hi @CZPatterson
    How many access points do you have in your network? Have you checked under router settings if the Fing desktop description matches or not?
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