Monthly speedtest report differs from manual speedtest

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After I changed provider, the monthly reports show an alarmingly low connection speed. However, when I check manually the speed is just fine, regardless the time of day.
The connection speed is 500mbit/s synchronous. Before switching provider, the monthly reports would report averages between 450 & 500 mbit/s for both up and download. This was confirmed in practice: macOS updates would usually come in at 45 to 55MB/s.
After changing provider, macOS updates (or any other download really as long as the server end would cope) continue to come is at the usual speed. However the monthly Fing reports consistently shows speeds just under 100mbit/s for both up and download. When I check manually using the Fing app the speed is just fine and around the 500/500mbit.
So I'm getting reports that don't appear to reflect reality. Is there anything I can do on my end to fix this? It almost looks like Fing isn't even trying to get beyond 100/100 when it does its regular checks.



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    So I found it's the Fing Box. When I use the Fing app on my mobile I can actually choose between testing the connection speed of the mobile phone or the Fing box itself. It turned out that the phone's wifi connection easily gets beyond 200mbps whereas the Fing box stalls at about 95mbps. I will check port connection speed next. It may very well it's capped even though the Fritzbox' port is set to 1Gbps.