Multiple networks?

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Wondering what is going on here. I have a router (wifi turned off) to a bitdefender box 2 that sends a 5G and a 2.4G network. Three are shown that I recognize, yet "MahaJahna 1" is missing (its a 5G WiFi network)
-Bitdefender Box: my "router" that a network switch goes into
-MahaJahna: the 2.4 radio signal form Bitdefender Box
HeyHeyWhyWhy: my iphone 

Can I delete the others and not have major problems?


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    This seems to be standard behavior for the Fing apps. They like to create new networks when you access your network from different access points. I am dealing with a mess like this myself at the moment. Fing will prevent you from deleting certain networks (haven't figured out the rules for this) and will often restore networks you had deleted. I've been using fing for three of four years I don't recall causing a problem by deleting the weird networks. Note that deleting accounts is an entirely different matter.
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    Thanks RWild 
    I'll just delete them and find out what happens. I wonder why the 5Ghz is not showing up?