Laptop speed is inexplicabily slow

Yesterday I modified the name of 5Ghz Wi-Fi signal as my windows laptop linked always to the 2.4 GHz 
After that I use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi signal and now the speed test is become 2-4 Mbps instead usual 200-250 Mbps 
I tried everything without find a solution 
Pleeeease some help for me
the same 5GHz Wi-Fi used by iPhone it works very fast


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    @iRenato, there are many reasons why this could be happening.  Let me start you on a few basics.  5Ghz band does travel as far as the 2.4, and degrades quicker then the 2.4 band. Therefore, the farther away you are, the weaker the signal will be compared to 2.4.  This could be one reason why you're seeing what you are seeing.  Also, the radio in your iPhone might be more sensitive than the one in your Laptop, which is why the iPhone might be doing better than the laptop.  

    You can do a little experiment by moving the laptop to different areas, closer would be fine, and see if the situation gets better.  That would be your smoking gun if it does.

    A few things to check in the meantime...

    • Do you have the latest network driver for the laptop installed
    • Do you have the latest OS and patches.
    • Check to see if your router has the latest version of firmware.
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