Internet Provider reviews in Fing App & Twitter?

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This morning I left a review of my Internet Provider in the Fing Android app. When I pushed submit in the app, a Twitter window popped up with my review and the hashtag #comcastcares. Is that part of the process of submitting a review? I see that there is a @ComcastCares handle. Did my review get posted on Twitter? under my handle? What is the connection between Internet Provider reviews in th eFing app and Twitter?
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  • Robin_Ex_Fing
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    Hi @Joe_Christy
    This is one of the features of Fing app where you can communicate directly with your ISP customer care via twitter. So what happens, you can rate your reviews and if you are facing issues, you can contact customer care directly from the Fing app.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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