LED light keeps changing from Blue to flashing Red, then back to Blue.

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After having replaced a fingbox v1 (which worked fine for 2+years).
After one day of the fingbox v2 being plugged in and working, I'm no seeing the LED light change from solid Blue to flashing Red, then back to Blue. Each state last for a couple of mins and it continues to change LED colour.
Also when I go into the Fing app on my phone. It often does not see the fingbox. When I do get the oppurtunity to use the "fingbox network", it says it hasn't been updated for 12+ hours (which is when I first noticed the issues). I also see all other operations, like changing the sort order, does not change. It looks like the app is not communicating with the fingbox.
I've tried moving the fingbox onto the router and using the supplied power supply (into the wall) and this has had no effect. Still the same operation.
Does anyone have any suggestions what is wrong?


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    There have been issues with Fing services over the past 24 hours which has been resolved, are you still having any problems?