Fingbox Disconnected - Red light after reset

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I have a v1 Fingbox - from the original Indiegogo campaign. About a year ago, my fingbox disconnected and displayed the pulsing orange light. After some power cycles, it was fixed.

Several days ago, same thing happened. Power cycle did not work. So, I did a full reset on my Fingbox using the rear reset button. Now, after booting up, I only get solid red lights. I tried using a different Ethernet cable and a different power supply. Neither worked.

As an aside the green Ethernet light on the fingbox is flashing every second or so and the amber Ethernet light on the fingbox is flashing very quickly.

Any suggestions to get it working again?


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    Hi, the following is the full reset process, it sounds like your reset didn’t work. 
    Give this a try...
    1. Unplug the Fingbox power adaptor from the wall outlet
    2. Find the RESET hole beside the Fingbox power port
    3. Gently insert a paperclip in the RESET hole (very gently)
    4. While keeping the RESET button gently pressed, plug the power adaptor back in
    5. Keep the RESET button pressed for 30 seconds and release (or until a single white light flashes on the device)
    6. You should now see a single white light on
    7. After a few seconds, the top circle will start flashing, while the original factory software is loaded
    8. This process lasts for a few minutes (~3 min)
    9. A single white light will mark the end of the process
    10. Power off the Fingbox
    11. Wait 5 seconds
    12. Power it back on

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    Thanks @Pixel
    I have sent you a private mail to address your query. I will require further information from you to solve this. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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