Fingbox v1 broke and I replaced with fingbox v2 with no green light

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My fingbox v1 recently stopped working (it over heated and died). I've just bought a new fingbox v2 and plugged it into my network. The light on the fing box never goes green (just flashing blue).
I also find that that my old fing network is still listed and I cannot find a way to remove it.
Any help or pointers on how to get the new fingbox v2 working, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi @pmitchell, to delete the old network, from the home page of the mobile app, scroll down to the current Wifi section.  You will see a list icon on the far right.  Click it and you should get a second window with a list of all of the networks associated.  Left swipe and press the garbage can icon to remove them.  That should get you back to a fresh start.
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