New Version Release: Fing 11 (Android)

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 Hi All, 

 Exciting news, today we will be releasing Fing App version 11.0 for Android (only). Initially this will be just for Android, however we will be releasing an iOS version in the coming weeks. Please see below an outline of the updates included in this release. 

 Fing 11.0 Updates: 

 Overview : 

With this release, we are including the ability to manage your Fing Desktop network also via your Fing Mobile App, creating one platform whereby you can manage all of your available Fing products. 


What are the feature/functionality changes? 

Please see below the feature/functionality updates relating to this release: 


  • Access to Fing Desktop via Fing Mobile app:  via your Mobile app, you can now access & manage your Fing Desktop Network/Data by going to your ‘Network’ list (via the ‘Home’ tab) & click on your Fing Desktop network from the ‘Monitored Networks’ list. 

  • Fing Desktop network can be added to ‘Home’ tab:  to quickly access the Fing Desktop network, you can add it to the ‘Home’ tab on the Mobile App (like Fingbox network). To note: only 1 monitored network can be added to the ‘Home’ tab at any time, e.g., if you have a Fingbox, you can add either a Fingbox or Fing Desktop Network to your ‘Home’ tab. However, regardless of which network is added to the ‘Home’ tab, all networks can be accessed by simply clicking on the network list (‘Hamburger’/3 line icon). 


So, how will this look? Will there be any changes to the UI? 

Yes, we have made some changes in order to implement these functionalities and to continue to improve user experience. See below the main changes to the Mobile App UI: 


  • Network List Layout –  when you click on your Network list (‘Hamburger icon) you will see 2 categories: ‘Monitored Networks’ & ‘Scanned Networks’. Monitored Networks refer to Fingbox or Fing Desktop networks. Scanned Networks refer to Mobile App scanned networks. 

  • Scan Option:  if you have a Fing Desktop Network attached, when you click the ‘Scan’ button a manual scan cannot be completed, only a scan via the Fing Desktop Network. Scanning from the Mobile is blocked to preserve the scan with higher quality & avoid conflicts if scans. Detaching the network from Fing Desktop, will enable the ability to scan once again from Mobile. 

  • Notifications’ tab (NEW): ‘on the Fing Desktop dashboard, there is a new ‘Notification’ tab which contains a list of notifications of new device connections. 

  • Improved UI for router vulnerability report: We unified the screens for Fing Vulnerability Test (Mobile app) and Fingbox Vulnerability Test so the same data are presented and in the same format.  

  • ‘Port close’ option: Now users do not have to navigate to a separate screen, instead ports can be closed directly from the analysis report page (if the router doesn’t support port closing, i.e. Google WiFi, Eero, the button close ports is not displayed). 

  • ‘Restore purchase’ button location changed: The restore purchase button helps to recover your purchases and you can find this button under App settings. You can find this by clicking on Avatar icon and then click on “Try for Free” and then if you scroll down you will find the “Restore” button. 


We hope you like the updates included in this release. As mentioned, we will be releasing version 11.0 for iOS in the coming weeks also. 


Thank You, 


Fing Team 

Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • BarrydotnetBarrydotnet Member Posts: 4
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    How is Fingbox integrated?

  • Marto68Marto68 Member Posts: 5
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    This new update has just removed what was left of Fingbox functionality, without having to upgrade to premium.

    (As well as having to install Fingbox desktop)

    Congratulations guys.

    Your team has just taken all functionality of your flagship device, "The Fingbox",

    finally forcing users to upgrade to premium if they want to use their Fingbox beyond device recognition.


  • AviBobAviBob Member Posts: 9
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    First, I monitor the devices in my apartment building, I'm the owner and landlord I supply the WiFi to my tenants. I personally don't have more than my smartphone which has fing on it and the fingbox attached to the router. So, I upgraded to the new fingbox Version 11 for my android phone, now poof lost the features I need!! So I paid for the subscription believing all would come back, some did, the assigned users didn't pkus it does not see the fing server, RED LIGHT not blue. Do I need to have a Desktop version going too?

  • RobertDRobertD Member Posts: 1
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    Golly, this is an awful update. The functionality is now mostly broken, unless you want to use desktop (I don't). My lovely Fingbox is defunct.

    How could you?

  • AviBobAviBob Member Posts: 9
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    I agree rhis update ruined fingbox seemingly.

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