How to select SSH app on IOS 14.4

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I’ve downloaded a few CLI apps which support SSH remote sessions (Termius, Shelly and Blink) but when I try to launch an SSH session in the Fing app it says “it seems you don’t have an app to handle ‘ssh’ service. Do you want to search for one?”

Not sure why Fing isn’t detecting my SSH client apps. I tried downloading a few more but couldn’t find any that worked with the Fing.

I’m running IOS 14.4 on the iPhone SE (2020)

This seems like a killer feature as it would allow remote SSH sessions to be launched directly from the discovery results... am I missing something?




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    It functions this way with the application JuiceSSH on Android, I'm not sure about iOS

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    What exactly are you trying to do?

    * ssh from fing-app to your iPhone
    * ssh from iPhone to fingbox
    * ssh from iPhone to any ssh-server (local or remote/outside your network)

    Last one is working fine with Termius App on iOS. The first and second one don't work at all because this is not expected to work.
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    Using Terminus Beta(TestFlight) on iOS and Termux on Android 11 seem to be compatible.  @paulgregrich quick question, regarding discovery results you mentioned.  Are you just looking to find a fast way to remote into device on your network as soon as its discovered/identified, using Fing discovery as a Trigger.  I am kinda interested in this idea especially when it encompasses the home automation field.  Yet I lack the full know how of what can be gained from this ability, functionally anyhow.  Can you give me some examples of how you would use this feature if you could get one of us could get it operational; or what your attempting to make work.  Thanks