Network connection only with 100 MPs

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My fingbox V1 only connects with 100 Mps to my Network. Therefor the speedtest Shows only ~95Mps, although i habe a 400Mps internet line

I have reconnected the box to several ports on my Switch and directly to the router. All ports are set to 1Gb, but the fingbox keeps on connecting with 100 Mps. All my other devices are working fine.

What can I do to get my fingbox connected with 1 Gigabit?

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    I got a V1 too and t shows speeds of 800 to 900Mbps on the 1Gbps FFTH I have.
    However, I have noticed that I have to run the test two times right after each other as sometimes it shows a way lower speed, but I have never see your error. Even when on a slower xDSL connection I saw typically near max speed.
    There is a minimal difference pending on where I connect the V1 (switch or router).
    Have you tried to reset the Fingbox completely (power off, press the reset button to the right of the power for 30 sec)? I presume online tests like shows the expected speed... 
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    I habe reseted my fingbox and now the Box is Connecticut correctly with 1Gbit.

    My speedtest is also showing the exspected Speed.

    Thanks your help