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Hi, I'm writing this as I purchased last year a Fingbox to monitor activities occurring on my personal data, I'm under a hack of mammoth proportions, was trying to purchase a pi to create a firewall but it's a local network that have compromised every my data. I had my emails stripped away from my device and now that I have finally recovered the email associated with my Fingbòx I have discovered that #IoT #IFTTT devices are set up in my house illegally. This is not my activity & i have reset my Fingbox & discovered OS software applications #swagger & the associated API files to spoof my personal devices MAC addresses including the Fingbox. These nefarious twats stealing images of a child, defrauding systems daily in our names are ruthless. Bow when i havr been trying to reactivate my Fingbox i can see already online, hosting gateways with MAC addresses from previous modems I've used plus the Wi-Fi drivers if my PC, from my noob mind I'm saying this is a node.js attack from behind-the-node using cloud services. To sum it up, now my premium services is suddenly not available although I am sure that i just paid an invoice. Since its a hostile ambient takeover my invoices for purchasing premium and Fingbox hace veen stolen so I'm left without working utility of aby kind, I forgot to mention that the latest desktop Fing version doesn't work with my PC, pretty sure that its not working as my Windows 10 PC i s actually Ubuntu based, using ngnix phusion passenger to arrive from the ether wgilst denying mje more thab 73mbps data. Its very frustrating. Aby advice would be appreciated.

Also Fingbox when reset flasges wgite abd then goes pink. I tried emailing you directly but it's impossible for me to reply to your questions.

Thanks for your help RZA



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    Also my phone app since the days when I had no email functionalitynow goes to business for help. It also shows around 300 devices on my home network. I also have seen emails from Fing that i had never seen before advising whomever is spoofing my Fingbox the households movements and when we are not home, ut akso shows my neighbors Wi-Fi networks as my home network too.

    Please advise

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    Hi @RZA_001
    I have sent you private mail to address your query. Please reply to my message directly. thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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