Is it possible to detect if a device on my network suddenly grabs huge amount of bandwidth?

Something weird is happening on my network -- at times during the day internet speed goes to like 1.5Mps when it is usually 500+. When it does I have to reboot the virgin media box to get things back to normal. VM swear it is not an issue their end so I am looking for a way to see what actual usage of devices are over time -- sort of like a continuing bandwidth analysis? Any ideas anybody?


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    Fingbox with the Fingapp can’t do continuous bandwidth analysis.  They can do targeted for a limited time.  Let’s open this up to the forum members to see if they can lend a hand with suggestions.  @Pixel, @Robin or anyone who knows, any suggestions?
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    PRTG network monitor will do what you’re looking for & and it has free trial for 30 days, alternatively there is also a selection of free software which offer similar monitoring facilities here:-,separately%20in%20the%20background%20and%20facilitates...%20More%20
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    thank you this is helpful, and clear as regards fing’s capabilities. It seems Most of these apps - prtg excluded - measure internet speed device to the device on which they are installed on and so will identify when ithat speed drops down to near zero. I would then have to find which device on the network is causing the drop... I am assuming in my analysis that what comes into the router is the full isp speed but that something on the network is using 98% of it giving the appearance of slow speed to my pc etc. Ptrg looks really complicated but I think can put a sensor on each network device so they can report to the program, although how I do that is, at present, beyond me. 
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    Unfortunately what you’re trying to do isn’t easy, as you’ve discovered, but as you have a specific task try downloading the software and give it a try. It may not be as difficult as it seems.
    If you’re running everything from a windows machine you could use task manager to monitor processes and the resources in use although you would need to be present to observe any usage stats. Activity monitor offers similar functionality on Apple devices (desktop & laptop), there may be apps available for ios devices (try:-
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