Cannot find my Fingbox functionality

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So my Fingbox is in my other home location. Had not accessed for a while. Brought up the app and I have zero idea how to access it now. None of the scans devices etc are available. Fing obviously was sold off ... wow.



  • Ciaran
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    Hi @RobKleven, I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties accessing your Fingbox functionalities. I have edited your title to better reflect your query. To confirm, no functionalities have been removed. However, last year there were some changes to the UI which may be confusing you. We are happy to assist however. Before setting up a support ticket, please confirm that you are:
    1) Logged into the account associated with the Fingbox
    2) That you are/can accessing the Fingbox Dashboard (Fingbox Network) from the home page?

    Please see the following article which should help you accessing your Fingbox Dashboard:
    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)