Names not changing / Sync Failure???

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Hi,  I am updating device names, when I do this on the website or the iPhone app they "sync" but the Mac app does not seem to "sync", am I missing something?



  • Marc
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    Hi @MattPackwood, the Desktop app (Mac) and the mobile app are two different products and so not share a database.  That’s why a change in one does not reflect on the other.  The Fing story below as quoted from their website...

    Question: What is the relationship between Fing Desktop & other Fing products?

    Fing Desktop is a completely separate product from the Fingbox. From a technical standpoint, in comparison to other Fing products, it can be considered:

    Fing Mobile < Fing Desktop < Fing Box.

    Fing Desktop allows a far more precise engine than the Fing mobile app, but doesn’t require a purchase of a dedicated hardware.

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