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Is anyone kind or knowledgeable enough to elaborate as to why I’ve both just discovered my apparent completion of “Firebase Hosting Setup”, plus sudden and unexpected changes to the IP addresses of devices detected in my network?

Furthermore I’m at a loss as to why Fing is detecting more devices on my network than the ISP authored App...


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    Hi @Rookie , I moved this to the Fing App section and am tagging @Robin and @Ciaran from Fing for comment.
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    Thanks @Marc
    As I can see from the screenshot, most of the devices don't have MAC address so it seems like some application or device on your network is creating virtual mac addresses or say doing MAC randomization which is picked up by Fing app as new devices but generic devices.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Thank you ever so much for your kind response. I now have an interesting response to my interrogation of possible open ports on my Samsung smart tv. As I’m sub plebeian level web tech, may I ask if you think my frequenting of a few adult content cam sites has revealed the soft Tizen administered underbelly of my home network?