How do we stop Fing from managing a device?

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Is there a way to white list (or exclude) a Mac address on the Fing box? We have a device that believes it is being attacked each time the Fing modifies coms traffic, at which point the device locks itself out of the network.  Thanks


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    Hi @DMC456
    The main purpose of the Fingbox is to manage the network and its connected devices. As of now, there is no way to whitelist any device but you can disable automatic block device feature from the network tab. I hope it helps.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    The title of this thread "How do we stop Fing from managing a device?" is an accurate distillation of the fact that fing is intolerant of users who do not fit the profile of how fing should be used and the problems that they have to deal with in order to minimally use a fundamentally valuable and useful tool.

    I started using the fing android app when it was first released decades ago, and I want to support fing, but over the years, my typical need for the app is generally less than half a dozen times a year, so the current subscription price calculates out to ten dollars each time I use it.

    When fing went commercial and the fingbox was released, I bought it, primarily to support fing, but I made the purchase mainly to get rid of the advertisements... which worked, but fingbox was so intrusive that after a month, I disconnected it an it's been in a storage closet ever since.  The good news was that the ads didn't come back... until now!

    Are there any reasonable options for fing users such as myself?  If not, can anyone recommend another app that provides similar functionality for minimal users such as myself?

    I would really like to support this app, but, at the moment, I am having a hard time justifying simply opening the app and dealing with the frustration that doing so brings.

    Beverly Howard