Cannot connect to Fingbox using Fing app after switching iPhones

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I have just transferred to a new iPhone and I cannot connect to my Fingbox using Fing app. I am logged in using the correct account, though when I try to add the Fingbox it says “you need to be logged in using the same account”. The app on my old iPhone is still working fine and is connected to the Fingbox.

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    At first glance it looks like the account is not the same but someone can Fing can sort that put pretty easily if that's the issue.  

    Another thing to look for and to try first...  Did you make sure you selected the Fingbox network from the current WiFi menu?  What sometimes happens is that the new app will default to the wifi network and not the Fingbox network.  From the homepage, scroll down to the current wifi section.  Click on the list icon on the right.  You should see the Fingbox as well as various manually scanned networks.  Choose the fingbox, swipe left and click the home button to make it the default.  Then click on it again and it will take you to the Fingbox scanned network and devices.

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