Understanding devices with multiple IP addresses

I'd like to know how devices with multiple IP addresses are _supposed_ to behave in the app.
For instance:  I've got multi-homed device with two interfaces.  Right now, the Fing app shows me two entries for this device:
  • The first entry says the device has two IP addresses, lists both IP addresses, but only one MAC address.
  • The other entry shows ONLY the information for interface #2.
It seems Fing should do one or the other.  It should either show a single entry for each interface OR combine them into one but show all of the information.
Can someone explain how it _should_ appear in this situation, so I know if this is a problem or merely an annoyance?


  • RainCaster
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    There are a number of us with multi-homed devices of various kinds. In my conversations with Fing, they are still trying to understand all the different permutations of this before they design a solution. Right now there are at least three categories:
    • NAS devices with aggregated NICs
    • Mobile devices that randomize MAC address
    • Laptops with WiFi & NIC connections
    Anyone working on this issue at Fing, please chime in on the progress.
  • SJMarty
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    I would not hold your breath.  See my post in this thread.  I've been asking for this missing functionality since October, 2017.