How do I re-assign a device to a different user?

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I can't figure this one out.

Tried all sorts of modify options, but can't find where to re-assign a device to another , different user.

What am I missing?


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    Hi @Michiel_S

    Please follow these steps if you want to change the device from one User and assign it to other User.

    1) Go to the 'People' tab and click on the User from which you want to remove the Device 

    2) Click the Left button saying 'Edit' and it will open the User's page. 

    3) Unassign the Device by click on it and the devices become free to assign them to other User. 

    4) Click Save and Go back to the People Tab and select the User you want to assign the device to. 

    5) Click Edit again and go to the User's Page. 

    6) Look for the device you want to assign and then click on it. 

    7) If you want to monitor that device then click on 'Change' and it will change to 'Presence' on the device selected. 

    8) Click 'Save'. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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