Can Fing help in anyway to find the physical location of a device?

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Hi. I'm new here, so I don't know all of the features of Fing, plus some of the feature descriptions go right over my head, so I'm not sure what all this app is capable of, but here's the situation:  I live in a house that I've lived in for a few years now....alone. I just downloaded Fing app, and from the home page I selected "See All Devices" on my wifi network. I look at the items on the list, all seems normal, until I see a device named "Mobile". I click on it, and it tells me that it's a mobile device, a Samsung running Android operating system. I've always had iPhones/iPads, at least, as long as I've lived in this house. Almost all of my devices are Apple products, and even the ones that are not Apple are definitely not Samsung...I literally own nothing Samsung. Also, wouldn't the device need to be powered on to be connected to my wifi. So basically, somewhere in my house is a Samsung device which isn't mine somehow accessing both my electricity and my wifi. Is there a way this app can help me further locate it? Like show me how close I am to it, or have it make a sound, or ANYTHING?! If not Fing, is there another app that can? Thank you for your assistance. 


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    @DGG82, Fing cannot physically locate a device.  There was a thread awhile back where someone was trying to do what you're proposing, might be worth a look for you.  

    If you know the IP address of the device, many routers allow you to blacklist a device.  

    Is that device active?  If you have ever allowed someone to connect to your wifi, Fing will remember it whether its on line or not.  Change the filter to active only and see if it still shows up.
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    You can use to look up ip addresses if that helps and its free

    I would like to know the answer also

    Thanks Marc